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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us for further assistance. It's just another way Eyeshells makes it easy for you to get the best glasses for you.

Where is the Eyeshells factory located?
Eyeshells owns a production facility in China. Chinese manufacturing is a critical component to the high quality, low cost eyewear that Eyeshells offers our customers.
The global eyewear industry is centered within China, where 90%+ of all eyeglasses sold in the US are produced, from high-end fashion brands to drug store readers.
The specific region where Eyeshells’s wholly owned and operated state of the art factories are based has become the center of manufacturing excellence for eyewear, akin to what Switzerland is known for with high quality time pieces.
Eyeshells is proud to operate within the country and specific region to remain at the forefront of eyewear technology and development.
Is all your website pricing in USD?
Our prices are listed in U.S. dollars.
I want to place an order. What information do I need to have?
Your prescription (Rx), your PD, and your preferred frame of choice on our website.
Are all glasses on a single order required to have the same prescription?
Absolutely not! You can order different glasses for your family or different glasses in one order and have all different prescriptions.
Which frame material is right for me?
It depends on your needs. Here are a few features to help you decide:
Weight: If you want an ultra-light frame, choose a frame that is 16 grams or less. Titanium frames are generally very light.
Material: You can choose common metal, titanium or acetate. Titanium tends to be lighter. Acetate frames tend to be more durable.
Flexibility: This is a great feature for kids or sports glasses.
Color: Acetate frames tend to be available in more colors.
Hypoallergenic: Titanium and acetate frame is hypoallergenic.
Do the frames come in different sizes?
All of our frames come in one size. The details will be listed under the product description.
My favorite frame is out of stock. Can you let me know when it's in stock?
Yes. When a frame is out of stock, you'll see a "out of stock" message. Drop us an email with an incoming stock alert request and we'll let you know when the item is available.
What do the Abbe Value mean?
Abbe Value - measure of how widely the lens disperses different wavelengths of light as light passes through it. Bad - ↓ Abbe Value ↑ Chromatic aberrations (color distortions) Good - ↑ Abbe Value ↓ Chromatic aberrations (color distortions)
Do you sell lenses that change/transition from dark to light?
Yes, we do. They are called photochromic lenses on our website.
Are photochromic lens 100% clear when they are not in light?
Yes, absolutely clear. Photochromic lenses are designed to be completely clear in indoor environments and at night while quickly adapting and darkening in bright sunny outdoor conditions.
Does wearing glasses make my eyesight worse?
Wearing glasses doesn’t make your eyesight worse. We repeat: Glasses don’t make your eyes worse. Glasses, contacts, and all corrective lenses will only make your eyesight better—when you’re wearing them as prescribed, of course.
Is there a way to estimate lens thickness before ordering?
Yes,we can! We are a team of experts. Please write an email to tell us the specific choice of frame, lens and your prescription, and we can estimate a more accurate thickness for you.
Can Eyeshells ship internationally?
We can ship almost anywhere in the world.
What do I do if my glasses arrive damaged?
Immediately contact our customer service department. We will replace your damaged glasses with a new pair at no charge as quickly as possible.
Do I enter my Dist Pd or my Near PD for glasses.
Enter your "Far PD" for distance vision eyeglasses, bifocals and progressives. Enter your 'Near PD" only when you are ordering single vision reading glasses.
How long it will take from order to delivery of my glasses?
It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks from when an order is placed.